Stop Shopping Gospel Choir

* Rev. Billy’s Songs
* our songs
* Disney Store video
* Action ideas

Stop Shopping Flash Mobs

* shopping carts stand still

Story of Stuff

how is your stuff produced and re-used?

Clandistine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA)

* Dec. 5 Anti-Military demo Shinjuku
* Recruitment
* Yippie
* Buy Nothing Day 2010 Tokyo videos:
Pachinko / VendingMachine / protect the nothing / 7-11 overflow

Activists in Japan


Stilt action

Nuclear Waste 2011
Frankfurt Demo 2009

save the planet!

Sea Sheppard
Robin Wood

Become the Bike Bloc

video 1 * video 2

squat trees

Robin Wood in Dresden * climbing action *

Direct Action