YAMAS statusQUOtationes :

„Save the ass“ (save the earth)
„big asscake“ (big earthquake)
„Piss on ass“ (peace on earth)
and . . . „i want to see the sunset in the … ass? asth? ursth?“ no, earth!
our japanese monkey has a skewed concept of „TH“ and mixes up „L“ and „R“ — like
„i want to swim in the liver!“ (river)
and finally, he left us with a dramatic „see you somewhere in the ass!“ (earth!)


Vladimir joined the group few weeks ago. He suddendly appeared on my side, sporting radiantly his typical smile : he lost a front tooth
Valdimir \"Strastvuitye!\"
fighting a walrus
russian walrus
in the siberian taiga ; the walrus lost much more.

His ex-USSR banana-propulsed space machine is unreachable. No way to catch him.
We can only see his ass (earth?) at the top of the hill when he stuffs his legs in his wheels to stop, and shouts здраствыте!! to the dumbfounded pedestrians. Or we catch him when the night is coming, cuz he’s blinder than a mole. A c-mole, in fact he’s a musician born in Timbuktu.


, or the laws of gravity :
a tallbike with a 25 liter canister full of water in the front is fast, very fast, down hills… UWAGA! flying monkey!
Vladimir mixed up bumps and montagnes russes (is he homesick?) and ended his race in a tree. AWA!
But his other teeth are fine – he does‘t have that many anyway.


Some of us have an offensive sense of cultural exchange – I‘d better say feedback effect. A monkey threw a handful of New Year’s bonbons in a car shouting „H A L L O !“.
Bonbons chimiques et traditions debiles* se succedant jour apres jour, je n‘y vois qu‘un juste retour des choses, un effet BOOMERANG parfaitement ajuste : in your face!!
* petards dans nos roues, feux d‘artifice en plein jour, piles de charbon brulees pour montrer qu‘on en a
(Quoi?! de l‘argent? des couilles? de la place disponible dans le cerveau?)


inspired by the chinese bamboo scaffolding, we built a spaceship made of bamboo.
A ship to cross the Pacific ocean and reach South America would have been more useful.


Bamboo, sugar cane, mushrooms : new mixture for the monkeys.
We thought about modifying our bicycles…but it’s finally much smarter to modify our bodies :
if we can breath CO2 saturated air and drink coal-ash infected water, we will probably become the most productive industrial workers ever. YATA!! REVOLUTION!